Welcoming all wanderers.
We’re planting stakes in the ground around the values closest to our hearts. 
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Roamstead was born from a family RV trip across the country. Our founders noticed their glamorous plans often ended in glorified parking lots or dirty campgrounds without amenities or a thought regarding design. Alongside that, it seemed many campgrounds felt unapproachable to those who hadn’t been before. A vision was born to reinvent roughing it in a way that could welcome all adventurers to experience the magic of the great outdoors.
The forest is for us (yep, everyone!)
We believe the beauty of nature should be experienced by everyone. It's good for your health and the more we connect with and learn about the outdoors, the more we'll feel compelled to protect it. Whether you've been camping all your life or this would be your first trip, we're here for you. We aim to build a bridge (you know, a metaphorical one) to the great outdoors, where all adventures can truly feel welcome. That means:
Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or aspirationally outdoorsy, we strive to be an approachable and judgment free starting point for your explorations. Minority groups and members of the LGBTQ community will also find a safe and enjoyable experience at our campgrounds. We welcome all.
We believe when everyone feels welcome to connect with nature, then more people feel called to protect it. Introducing first-time campers and helping to educate all adventurers on long-term ways to protect the land we love is a big part of our mission.
Giving Back
Every Roamstead location partners with a local non-profit. That means a portion of your nightly stay will always go to supporting local organizations that align with our values and helping preserve the beauty of our public land.
We’re now Friends of Friends of the Smokies.
Roamstead is committed to making our outdoor spaces accessible to everyone. At our Smoky Mountains location, we're partnering with Friends of the Smokies to do just that. Friends assists the National Park Service in its mission to preserve and protect the Great Smoky Mountains National Park by raising funds and public awareness, and providing volunteers for needed projects. They restore trails, build handicap accessible access points, and provide urban youth educational opportunities in the park, to name just a few of their many projects. A dollar of each stay at Roamstead Smoky Mountains is donated back to Friends of the Smokies to help continue their mission. You can learn more about them at the link below.
Enough about us. Time to redefine roughing it.